गौ माता पूजन सामग्री:- (Worship material)

धूप - Dhoop
दीप - Deep
रोली - Roli
अक्षत (साबुत चावल को सात बार धुलकर अक्षत बनाये)
Akshat (To make Axhat, wash unbrokeble rice 7 times)
ग्रास (हरा चारा) - Grass (green)

गौ माता पूजा विधि:- (Cow Mata Puja Vidhi)

kapila cow puja

स्वच्छ और शुद्ध होकर सभी पूजन सामग्री लेकर किसी गौशाला या गौ माता के पास जायें। सबसे पहले गौ माता को रोली और अक्षत लगायें। धूप दीप दिखायें। उसके बाद दोनों हाथ जोड़कर निम्न मंत्रो से गौ माता की वंदना करें।

kapila cow puja
kapila cow puja

Keep yourself neat and clean. Take all pujan material and went to any cowshed or near to Cow. First of all offer roli and akshat to cow. Offer dhoop and deep. After that bow down towards cow and chant following mantra:-
“Om Kapile Nande Namah. Om Kapile Bhadrike Namah. Om Kapile Susheele Namah. Om Kapile Surabhiprabhe Namah. Om Kapile Sumanase Namah. Om Kapile Bhuktimuktiprade Namah. ”
Meaning : I bow down you repeatedly! O Kapile, giver of happineess, giver of welfare,having best nature, having alluring radiance like Surabhi, having pure hearted and giver of enjoyment & salvation.

kapila cow puja

After completion of mantra chant, take grass in hand and offer to cow and requested to take it with prayer:- “O honeydew giver of gods,giver of boon,word’s mother saurabhiye!please take this grass and blessed me with my desire.O Kapile! Barhamarshi Vashishth and intelligent Vishwaamitra had also did your prayer.Kindly removed my all sins which I did. Cows always be in front of me, always be besides me, cows always lived in my heart and I always lived among cows.Gomaata! Kindly take this grass”
The people become sinless and like shiv-swaroop by doing this prayer to cow repeatedly.